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We’re all about bringing more dynamism, creativity (and results) to your sales and marketing, and giving you a fresh perspective on how to do things.

We think differently.

As a Gen-Z led and run agency, we’re always at the forefront of the latest trends.

Bringing a fresh perspective to your marketing
Going against the status quo to stand out
Data and results driven

How effective is TikTok marketing in 2023?

October 6, 2023

Sam Watson is a TikTok marketing expert passionate about the evolving world of social media. Sam delves deep into the dynamics of TikTok marketing strategies, answering the biggest question facing the marketing industry in 2023: Is TikTok marketing effective?

We write blogs on the regular giving you the latest insights

Mastery demands focus

SO....We don't offer any other services except for

Marketing. Just Marketing. Do one thing VERY well is our mantra.


The Agenzy is totally full service. Email marketing to social media, we will fit most briefs.

Brand Development

Web development, brand audits and workshops. We work with you to develop your brand or business.

Personal Branding

Copywriting and short-form content to make you the next big name online by building your personal brand.

We provide three areas of support for every service

Group Workshops

Set workshops on our services teaching best practices and our proven methodology.

Ideation Workshops

Custom workshops where we come up with ideas and build your strategy with you 1-1.

Full Ideation & Delivery

We totally take control of the service we're delivering with you, crafting strategy, implementing it and getting results!

What our clients say about
The Agenzy

By HR Agency Owner

The Agenzy really opened my eyes to the potential of Tiktok video content. The team are super stars.

By Tech CEO

The Agenzy has continued to make positive impacts within the business. They have generated revenue, ideas and leads.

By Client

I love The Agenzy.
They’re young, ambitious, super brill, and a good sport.

By Events Business CEO

I have had the pleasure of working closely with The Agenzy. They have brought great value.
A real asset to any company.

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